Children are such geniuses.

3-year-old Jonathan conducting to the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.  The most joyous, unbridled creativity I’ve ever seen. I wonder: Will colleges start demanding YouTube proof of early artistic talent in their admissions applications?

How great that Jonathan will be able to watch this when he’s a teenager, wondering if any of the glowing things his parents said about him were ever true… Sometimes, Moms are not exaggerating when they said their kids are brilliant.  Enjoy.

Distract Your Inner Critic


I have written before about the evils of multi-tasking and especially task-switching. However I’d like to offer a caveat.

One part of the brain – the critic – is logical, rational, judgmental, and oriented to language and analysis. Distract this part with Continue reading “Distract Your Inner Critic”