Google Sync: Holding Hands with Microsoft to Make Apple Jealous?

If there’s one big company I love, it’s Google. No Apple. No Google. Oy vey! Until now, the two usually got along quite well, with many Google apps becoming backbones for the iPhone and eliminating we Mac users’ grumpy reliance on all things Microsoft. Many Google lovers love the Mac and vice-versa.

But now it seems that Google is making a play against Apple. Or is this a desperate move of courtship?

The recently released Google Sync (in beta) will allow users to synchronize
Google Contacts and Google Calendars across multiple computers and devices and platforms (Web, Windows, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and of course, Google’s Android phones).

Why pay Apple $99 a year for Mobile Me if I can sync via Google for free? Second curious fact… Google Sync is based on a license from Microsoft for its Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which is running on Google’s servers. I usually don’t think of the Goog and MS as BFF…. Is Google holding hands with Microsoft just to make Apple jealous?

Read about it at Technology News

Have you tried Google Sync? Please let us know what you thought.

(Oh, and what is Mobile Me? It’s Apple’s subscription-based ‘cloud’ service that syncs tons of data – calendar, contacts, photos, preferences, files, etc. – between iPhones, Macs, and the Web. Automatically, through the air. My iPhone with Mobile Me setup has happily ended my sync-frustration, and I don’t have to grovel to my (MS Exchange-oriented) IT department any more! 🙂 Except for fun.)