How to do lean startup: Sharing user feedback & release notes with your team

At Britely we aim to follow a lean startup approach of talking to users before, during, and after building every part of our product. A common challenge in startups though is that everybody is so busy building that very few people actually “get out of the building” and talk to users. So how can you get your team on the same page?

One process that has worked well for us is capturing user feedback and insights to an internal blog. You can see that it includes direct quotes from users, notes from talking to friends and advisors about the product, and release notes.

britely users internal blog snippet

 I described it in this Quora answer and thought I’d share it here, since I get asked about this a lot. Here’s my response on Quora:

Read Quote of Caneel Joyce’s answer to Blogging Platforms: Do any startups use a password protected blog to share articles and links internally? What is the best platform for sharing info with a group of people? Posterous? Tumblr? on Quora

Are there other Lean Startup processes you’d like me to write about? I’m thinking of starting a series of posts on “How to do lean startup” so let me know what topics would be useful to you!