What I did in 2015

Since sooo much happened in 2015 and I was admittedly terrible about keeping people updated about my whereabouts and whatuptos, here’s a quick update for my friends. This is what I was up to in 2015.

• Said goodbye to an amazing era in San Francisco (2000 bubble to 2015 bubble, that’s 15 years less three stints living abroad!)

• Bought an awesome old house (our first time owning!) and moved close to my family near the beach in L.A.. Developed a watch tan and a flip flop tan for the first time since the year 2000.

• Grew my business (Kickass Enterprises) even as I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Coached some incredibly inspiring founders about getting their businesses to the next level, and helped my startup clients grow. Popped champagne as one of them, Aspiration, became one of the fastest growing startups in financial technology history (Techcrunch).

• Had a beautiful, endlessly smiley little baby girl (Arrow, now 6 months). In my living room, with an amazing team of midwives, with no drugs.

• Spent a lot more time with my son (Soren, now 4.5 years) than ever before, since I wasn’t working as much while I was on maternity leave and busy remodeling and nesting. Wow. I saw an amazing impact of the mere time together on his entire being. We created a little “art studio” for him in our house and watched how the design of his space becomes the contents of his life and his mind. POWERFUL STUFF.

These big changes were super positive and like all great changes brought unexpected consequences. For me one of the biggest was a different mindset and sense of what I need to do on earth. Which kinda scared the pants off of me.