money doesn’t grow on trees, but being a lawyer kills them!

My fiance recently became a real lawyer. Finished law school. Took bar. Started job. Passed bar. Got sworn in. I swear, at every stage he got more and more junk mail. All from people who want him to donate money to their worthy cause. We have enough free address labels now to last us until I finish my PhD program.

Guilt is administered to those with salaries. While I’m not about to become a bitter charity-hater by any means (I actually still read the damn things) I do see how people with money begin feeling like they are always being asked to support every cause, and I can see how that would make you feel more like a tight-wad over time.

I’m just bitter because all of this mail kills so many trees.

As if lawyers don’t already generate enough paper!

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  1. Fun, creative, useful, entertaining and humorous–you are a great writer and informer. I love the way you present your ideas in a logical order and also the way you promote the ideas and innovations of others.

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