My interview in BAD IDEA magazine: Marxist coffee mugs, trapped by an open mind, etc.

One cold night a few weeks ago I met Ben Beaumont-Thomas in a hip, low-key cafe down an alley and behind an indie theatre in London’s Dalston. (ICYDN, Dalston = the new Shoreditch, chic tragique.)  Ben was interviewing me for a feature in Bad Idea magazine’s “Tomorrow People” series.

If getting people talking on the record – but feeling like they’re off the record – is what journalists do best, then Ben should win a Pulitzer.  In one hour he drew out some strange theories and rants, but also some practical insight I’ve been meaning to write up (one of these days…).  Skip the question about my research to get to the juicy stuff, including:

1. how the Apple iPhone constrains consumers into being more creative 

2. why designing a Marxist coffee mug is a good idea for creative teams

3. when groups that seem open-minded are trapped by what they don’t say

Check out the article here: Bad Idea Magazine: Interview: Dr. Caneel Joyce, on Placing Constraint on Creativity.

And Ben – thanks for an interesting conversation.  I’ll see you at the next Future Human salon (this month the theme is fashion’s microchic shake-up, for those who want to check it out).

3 Replies to “My interview in BAD IDEA magazine: Marxist coffee mugs, trapped by an open mind, etc.”

  1. Hey Caneel,I really enjoyed the Bad Idea interview; congrats on that. I've recommended it in a seminar I'm facilitating.I was interested in what you said about group brainstorming actually resulting in fewer ideas than doing so alone. In my experience, the excitement and ability to build on others' ideas makes for more ideas, not less. Is this not what happens in most cases?

  2. Thank you! Comments like this are so motivating. You will see more content being posted soon. Anything in you're particularly interested in reading about? I'd love to hear any and all ideas and requests from my readers….

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