Designers: Think you have a good eye for color? Get proof…

How good is your color vision?  Arrange these tiles by hue to find your score – (based X-Rite’s official FM100 Hue Test).
Brag: I got a perfect score (a zero), which pretty much made my week.  Guess the Color Theory class I took in the UC Extension design certificate program a few years ago paid off….  or maybe it was my compulsive color-arranging of clothing, books, and iPhone app icons (practice makes perfect).
Friends who are designers and visual artists seemed to score between 0 and 10.  Aesthetically sensitive non-artist friends reported scores between 10 and 25.  Share your reactions to the test – and your score if you like – below.
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2 Replies to “Designers: Think you have a good eye for color? Get proof…”

  1. I got a 4 too… though I’m not involved in design or visual arts at all (I do like flower arranging though! Perhaps that counts 🙂 )

  2. Fun! I scored a 4. I would put myself in the “aesthetically sensitive non-artist” category.

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